A flexible and supportive approach to our fitness to practise work

If you want to raise a concern, please use our online form. If you are unable to use this form you can email a scanned copy to practise@gmc-uk.org.

At this time we have limited capacity to reply to concerns that have been sent to us through the post. This is because our staff are working at home, following the government’s advice on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

We’ll get back to you but it may take longer than usual. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

If you need help to raise your concern, read our advice about reasonable adjustments or call 0161 923 6602.

Continuing our work to protect the public

During this very difficult time there are four important fitness to practise services that we must continue to deliver to protect the public.

  • Consider any new referrals or complaints, and any new information on existing cases, to consider whether there are any immediate public safety concerns.
  • Interim order applications and review hearings.
  • Substantive order review hearings.
  • Relevant court interim order extension applications.

All other casework will continue to the best of our ability in these difficult circumstances. We are changing our approach to seeking information from employers and healthcare professionals – we will only ask them for information if it relates to an immediate patient safety concern. This means we may not be able to progress some cases as efficiently, or at all, for the time being – if this happens we will communicate with those involved and support them as best we can.

If you’re involved in a fitness to practise case, please call your named contact for further information. Alternatively, you can email FPDComplaintsCorresp@gmc-uk.org.