Browser compatibility

We build our website aiming to give the best experience to all of our users. But we recognise that it is impossible to make our website work efficiently, effectively and be identical on all web browsers. We're also conscious that potential security issues in older browsers mean that it's in our users' interests to upgrade to their preferred browser's latest version, alongside a faster and fuller browsing experience.

As such, our website is verified as working with the following browsers.

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 10+
  • Mozilla Firefox 46+
  • Chrome 50+
  • Safari 10+
  • any other modern web browser that is fully compatible with HTML5 and CSS3

While older browsers will function to a greater or lesser extent, we have not verified our site on older versions and would encourage you to upgrade where possible. On January 12 2016, Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer browsers older than IE 11.

Visit the links below to download the latest version of your preferred browser.

Tablet and mobile

This site supports browsing on mobile and tablet devices, where content is displayed based on the screen resolution and other attributes of your device. The content is specifically formatted for these devices and their unique attributes, so it will appear visually different across different devices. The written information and instructions presented will not differ.