Welcome to UK practice workshops

Information for employers 

Our free workshop helps doctors who qualified abroad adjust to medical practice in the UK. There can be many differences between practising medicine in the UK and overseas, and it can be difficult for overseas-qualified doctors to adapt to working in a new culture and to different standards.
Over half a day, we give doctors practical guidance on different ethical scenarios. We answer questions they might have. And make sure there is time for networking to share experiences. 

How do I book?

We deliver many workshops in various locations and at different times across the UK. And if those aren't suitable, we can work with your organisation to deliver a workshop onsite specifically for your staff. 

To find out more, simply fill in our request form. We will arrange for a local adviser to contact you to discuss what will work best for you and your organisation.

What does the workshop cover?

We cover different aspects of our guidance, including consent, confidentiality, raising concerns, care for children and young people, and prescribing. 

Below is what a typical Welcome to UK practice workshop will involve.

  • Welcome and introduction to the GMC and how we can help you
  • An introduction to our guidance and learning resources
  • ‘Hello my name is…’ – getting to know each other
  • What makes a good doctor?
  • Doctors share their experience of starting out in UK practice and learn about the duties of a doctor in the UK
  • Ethical scenarios. What would you do in this situation? How can our guidance help you?
All levels of staff have enjoyed the content of the sessions, finding them both beneficial and useful.
Medical Education Manager

Who are the workshops for?

All doctors who have gained their primary medical qualification outside of the UK. We welcome doctors from all grades and specialties and have delivered workshops to both small groups and larger ones.

The ideal time for doctors to attend is before they start practice, or soon after. We find that doctors who attend in their first year of practice are likely to get most benefit. 

We recently organised for our GMC Regional Liaison Adviser to deliver this course at 2 sites at our organisation on 2 separate days. The feedback was excellent. We would like to organise more of these sessions. Being able to speak to a representative from the GMC and attend this workshop at the Trust means that doctors can network with colleagues in a similar position within the same Trust.
Appraisal and revalidation coordinator