Booking a Welcome to UK practice workshop at your organisation

Did you know we run workshops specifically designed to help doctors adapt to practising in the UK?

We recently organised for our GMC Regional Liaison Adviser to deliver this course at 2 sites at our organisation on 2 separate days. The feedback was excellent. We would like to organise more of these sessions. Being able to speak to a representative from the GMC and attend this workshop at the Trust means that doctors can network with colleagues in a similar position within the same Trust.
Appraisal and revalidation coordinator

Our local advisers are based right across the UK and are happy to deliver a free workshop at a time and place convenient to you.

Fill in our WtUKP request form to book yours now.

Why we designed the workshop

Adapting to UK medical practice can be hard for any doctor, regardless of where they’re from or how experienced they are. There can be significant differences in practising medicine in their home country and the UK, and it can be difficult to adapt to working in a new culture.

Our free Welcome to UK practice workshop is designed to help doctors new to the UK, by offering practical guidance about ethical scenarios doctors may encounter, and the chance to connect with other doctors coming from abroad.

What are the benefits for doctors?

Our WtUKP workshops are always well received and the feedback from attendees is excellent. 

87% of doctors tell us that they would change the way they practice as a result of what they learnt on the day.

After the workshop, doctors tell us that:

  • They feel more confident
  • They are more likely to ask for help
  • And they feel more informed about GMC guidance

Doctors also value the opportunity to meet with colleagues helping them to feel less isolated and able to build a support network with their peers. 

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are aimed at doctors who gained their primary medical qualification outside of the UK, from either within or outside of Europe. We find that the ideal time for doctors to attend is before they start practice, or soon after. Doctors who attend in their first year of practice are likely to get most benefit out of Welcome to UK practice.

We welcome doctors from all grades and specialties and have delivered workshops to both small groups and larger ones.

All levels of staff have enjoyed the content of the sessions, finding them both beneficial and useful.
Medical Education Manager

What does the workshop cover?

Welcome to UK practice covers all of our core guidance with a particular focus on consent, confidentiality, raising concerns, care for children and young people, and prescribing. 

Below is what a typical Welcome to UK practice workshop will involve.


  • Welcome and introduction to the GMC and how we can help you
  • An introduction to our guidance and learning resources
  • ‘Hello my name is…’ – getting to know each other
  • What makes a good doctor?
  • Doctors share their experience of starting out in UK practice and learn about the duties of a doctor in the UK
  • Ethical scenarios. What would you do? How can our guidance help you?

How does it work? 

After you’ve completed the WtUKP request form, your local adviser will get in touch with you.

Many organisations choose to offer the workshop as part of their induction programme and our local advisers will work with you to identify what works best for you and your organisation.