Patient journey to GP practice – virtual reality app

Follow Mrs Thomas and her son Jack in their encounters with a receptionist, doctor, nurse and pharmacist in this interactive 360° video VR app.

Patient journey to GP practice has been developed jointly by the GMC and NHS England.

It gives new international GPs an immersive insight into how a GP practice in the UK operates from a patient’s perspective. You can access it on mobile, tablet or PC.

Find out more about the app in this video.

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How do I access the app on mobile or tablet?

1. Install the Wonda VR app on your device from the iPhone App Store or Android Play Store.

2. Open the Wonda VR app on your device.

3. Select the Main Menu icon – the three line icon in the top left corner.

4. Select the Via QR code option.

5. Scan this QR code image.

QR code to access Patient journey to GP practice app

6. Select the first viewing mode at the bottom of the screen to see the experience on your phone or tablet. You can move the device around or drag the picture around with your finger.

7. To view the experience on a Google Cardboard headset you need to select the cardboard icon and then place the phone in the headset with the middle line on the screen lined up with the centre of the viewing area. With the headset on, you make selections by moving your gaze to place the white dot over an option. 

How do I access the app on a PC?

You can view the experience on a PC in a compatible browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge with a good wi-fi connection.

You can also view this on a PC VR headset, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality by selecting the VR icon within a compatible browser such as Firefox. For Windows Mixed Reality, you'll need to run the experience when using the headset with SteamVR.

How do I control the app?

Instructions on the main controls are included it the start of it app.

You can also download a pdf of instructions for the app.

View videos from the app on YouTube

360° video from the app, together with extracts in standard video format, are also available on YouTube or the YouTube VR app and best experienced in VR with the settings on the highest quality resolution.

View videos from the app on YouTube