We commissioned an independent author to conduct one-to-one interviews with 13 doctors to learn about their diverse experiences throughout the first peak of the pandemic. The interviews took place in July and August 2020.

The case studies based on these interviews reflect a diverse range of experiences across the medical workforce in 2020. These doctors were found using GMC network contacts with participants opting in to participate in the case studies. It is acknowledged that this process did not have the rigour of a research project, such as ‘the Barometer survey 2020’ but an effort was made to find doctors who represented variety across a range of different factors, such as register type, specialty, the nation of the UK in which they practice, and personal attributes, such as age and ethnicity.

We have not used the doctors’ real names in the case studies.

As the number of doctors interviewed was small, the case studies haven’t been given undue weight and have not been used to make inferences about the overall UK doctor population. Rather, ‘the Barometer survey 2020’ enabled analysis of the overall workforce. This analysis can be found in ‘The state of medical education and practice in the UK: 2020’. The case studies presented here illustrate and add insight to the Barometer findings.

We would like to thank the doctors who participated in these case studies for their time and for sharing their powerful experiences with us.