Chapter 2

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Text reads "2. The state of medical education. Data relates to the early stages of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, from March to May 2020.
A hand graphic supporting three people. The text reads "85% of trainees and 73% of trainers said their organisation provided a supportive enviroment for everyone".
A speech bubble graphic containing a highlighted happy face. The text reads "Most trainees (87%) continue to rate their clinical supervision as 'good' or 'very good'."
Text reads "Three quarters of trainees (74%) and trainers (78%) said training was disrupted."
Text reads "Most trainees (81%) and trainers (88%) felt opportunities to gain required curriculum competencies were reduced."
Text reads "Nearly half (43%) of trainees were partly or fully unable to complete their planned rotations for 2019/20."
Text reads "Around 7,000 final year students were provisionally registered to fill 4,662 newly-created FiY1 (Foundation interim year one) posts between April and July 2020. These posts gave frontline services extra support and may have helped better prepare doctors for their substantive foundation post."
Pie chart representing a 50:50 split. The text alongside reads "Over half (52%) of trainees were concerned about personal safety during the pandemic".
A pie chart showing a 75:25 split. The text alongside reads "Over a quarter (28%) of trainees felt their concerns about personal safety were not fully addressed".