GMC tracking survey 2014

What were the key findings?

  • All audiences expressed a high level of confidence in the medical profession in the UK, with nearly all doctors (95%) reporting that they were confident. Patients and the public had slightly lower levels of confidence, although these were still high;

  • Doctors suggested that the main challenges they face within their practice relate to high or increasing workloads;

  • Generally, there was a high level of confidence in our regulation of doctors; doctors were the least positive, although three-quarters (75%) still reported that they were confident;

  • Half of doctors (51%) felt we are focused on the right issues as a regulator. There was general agreement that we help raise standards in medical practice and that it is modernising the way that complaints and concerns about patient safety are dealt with;

  • Male doctors, older doctors, those gaining their primary medical qualification in the UK and those working in the private sector tend to be the most negative about us. In contrast, female doctors, younger doctors, black and minority ethnic doctors and those working in the public sector were typically the most positive.

  • Doctors who had been revalidated were asked to assess changes in their practice. Revalidation was seen to have the greatest impact in terms of an increase in the amount of information doctors collected on their practice compared to 12 months ago (37% stated this to be the case). A smaller impact was seen in terms of feeling more part of a governed structure, although a quarter of doctors (24%) reported this to be the case and only 14% said that they felt this less so.

Why did we commission this research?

We commissioned this research to help us to understand if we are achieving our strategic aims. The findings will help us to focus our efforts where they are most needed.

What did the research involve?

A survey was undertaken of the views of our key interest groups – doctors, medical students, educators, the general public and patients, patient and doctor representative bodies, employers and members of parliament from across the four UK countries.

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