About our research

We have a wide range of research themes and potential topics (pdf) for 2014–17. As new issues emerge, we may also undertake specific research projects in other areas.

Some of the areas we are particularly interested in are:

  • comparing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test with other tests of English language ability to see if we could use them as part of our registration process
  • which interventions can facilitate good medical practice
  • understanding what black and minority ethnic doctors think about the GMC
  • identifying how best to educate medical students and doctors in training to look after their own well-being.

Using data in research

For some research projects, we need to give researchers access to the data we gather as part of our work.

We put contracts in place with researchers to make sure that our data is always stored securely, processed fairly and lawfully and used only for the agreed research purpose. Any results are reported or published with the results fully anonymised. Most data is aggregated, anonymised or pseudonymised before it is given to researchers. We use data that identifies individuals only when this is essential and we put rigorous controls in place before access is granted.

If researchers need to get individuals’ views for a project, we get consent from the individuals before passing on their contact details.

Publishing research

We publish research reports on our website. This means all people interested in our research can access it and understand how we have made our policies and decisions.

Occasionally it may not be in the public interest to publish research. Our publication policy for research (pdf) sets out the criteria we use to decide whether to publish research.