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Pilot of further assurance on appraisals for doctors without a connection

We want to commission independent appraisal expertise to undertake a pilot audit of appraisals for doctors who don't have a connection. The key deliverables of this commission is for the provider to:

- Develop an audit framework (this must be approved by us before commencing audit)

- Use the approved framework to audit the appraisal documentation for doctors without a connection.

- On a regular basis throughout the pilot, provide ten detailed examples of appraisals that demonstrate good practice and ten that demonstrate areas for improvement.

- Meet with the GMC to discuss a draft of the final report

- Produce a final report containing the methodology used for the audit and quantitative and qualitative audit findings.

- Deliver an oral presentation of findings to the GMC and produce a powerpoint slide deck for the GMC to use in the future. 

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