Who we work with

The General Medical Council (GMC) cooperates with a variety of other organisations including other regulators and bodies representing patients and doctors.

Sharing information to protect patients

Through our work, we collect a wealth of information about the medical profession and the organisations where doctors practise and train. We share this information with a range of other organisations, such as system regulators, with the aid of formal agreements.

Regulation of other health and social care professions in the UK

The GMC cooperates with the other 12 health and social care professional regulators within the UK.

One of the forums through which we cooperate is the joint Health and Social Care Regulators Patient and Public Involvement Group. The Group meets around three times a year to share ideas and promote good practice in patient and public involvement. The General Chiropractic Council website hosts key documents of the Group, including agendas and minutes.

Working together to promote good practice

The GMC regularly works with other regulators and organisations who represent patients and doctors to share ideas, promote good medical practice and support health professionals. Read our joint statement of Professional Values.

Cross border healthcare – telemedicine

The GMC and systems regulators in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales believe there should be clarity as to where regulatory responsibility lies in cases of cross border healthcare. The statements below set out our jointly agreed position on where responsibility lies in relation to patient safety in this area of medical practice.  

Working to improve care at the end of life

We have been a member of the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP), a group of organisations which came together to lead and provide a focus for improving the care of dying people and their families, following the review of the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The Alliance has been responsible for delivering a system wide response to the review of the Liverpool Care Pathway. One aspect of this is the production of guidance for health and social care professionals to enable them to provide the highest standards of care at the end of life. Find about more about the new guidance.

Useful links

On this site you can access links to a range of health-related organisations. See useful links.