Employer Liaison Service

Our Employer Liaison Service works with responsible officers, medical directors and medical managers to protect patients and support doctors to meet our standards.

The service helps us bridge the gap between national and local regulation.

We support medical leaders in all sectors, including the NHS and independent providers.

In particular, we:

  • work with responsible officers to make sure concerns about doctors are addressed in the right place and at the right time. This includes supporting the management of concerns at a local level. Many issues can be addressed where they arise rather than through referral to us
  • help responsible officers apply our thresholds, including advice to support quality referrals that are fair, timely and underpin effective investigation
  • support the continuous development of local clinical governance systems that are a part of the responsible officer function, including making revalidation recommendations
  • learn about the environments in which doctors practice. This helps us support our aim to be ready to speak and act in the interests of patient safety and high quality care.

To contact the service, email liaison@gmc-uk.org

Who is your employer liaison adviser?

Use our map and table below to see who you need to speak to.

ELA map
 Map number  Employer liaison adviser  Area
1  Willie Paxton Scotland
2  Joanne Donnelly Northern Ireland
3  Kate Watkins Wales 
4  Helen Sinclair North East and Cumbria
5  Louise Kearney West and South Yorkshire
6  John Powell East Yorkshire
7  Kate Harrison South Pennines
8  Blake Dobson Greater Manchester
9  Jenn Haynes  Merseyside and Cheshire
10  Iain Whittle North Midlands
11  Nadeem Malik Central Midlands
12  Philip Finn East of England
13  Teresa Cook South Midlands
14  Jill Williams West Midlands
15   Antony Americano London – North West 
16   Ingrid Southorn London – South West
17   Joanna Hayman London – South East
18  Elizabeth Tysoe London – North East 
19  Michael Cotton South East
20   South Central, Military and Channel Islands 
21   David Bennett Wessex and South West Coast
22  Paul Jones South West and Thames Valley