Education Advisory Forum

What is its purpose?

The new Education Advisory Forum began work in February 2019 to engage widely and effectively with our key interest groups on education, training and assessment matters, ensuring we are able to best develop and promote a strategic approach to this work across all countries of the UK.

Read the Education Advisory Forum's statement of purpose

What has been discussed?

Agenda and papers of the meetings will be published here.


When is the next forum?

6 February 2020

16 June 2020

10 September 2020

17 November 2020

Who sits on the forum?

  • Chair - Professor Colin Melville
  • Professor Derek Alderton
  • Professor Keith Gardiner
  • Mr Gareth Griffiths
  • Professor Mark Gurnell
  • Dr Sarah Hallett
  • Dr Julian Hancock
  • Professor Stewart Irvine
  • Professor Sheona MacLeod
  • Professor Pushpinder Mangat
  • Professor Clare McKenzie / Professor Russell Smith
  • Beth McMahon
  • Dr Michael Mulholland
  • Dr Dennis Okolo
  • Ms Rachel Power
  • Professor Malcolm Reed
  • Professor Wendy Reid
  • Dr Geraldine Walters
  • Dr Alice Wort