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Wales UK Advisory Forum


Our Wales UK Advisory Forum helps us make sure our regulatory approach takes into account the needs and the characteristics of the Welsh healthcare system.

The forum offers us an extra channel to engage with our partners and key interest groups in the country. Through the forum we share and discuss early stage views on policy development. This allows us to focus on medium and long-term priorities in dialogue with our partners.

We also run UK Advisory Forums in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Read the UK Advisory Forums statement of purpose.

What's been discussed?


When is the next Forum? 

  • Wednesday 28 March
  • Tuesday 16 October 

Who sits on the Forum?

  • British Medical Association
  • Vanessa Young (NHS Confederation Wales)
  • Dr Kate Chamberlain (Healthcare Inspectorate Wales)
  • Dr Paul Myres (Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales)
  • Baroness Ilora Finlay (House of Lords)
  • Peter Donnelly (Postgraduate Dean, Wales Deanery)
  • Dr Andrew Goodall (Department of Health Wales)
  • Professor Andrew Grant (Medical Education Swansea University)
  • Dr Frank Atherton (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Dr Stephen Riley (Cardiff University Medical School)
  • Board of Community Health Councils in Wales