Making sure our processes are fair

We regularly review our processes to make sure they’re fair, consistent and free from bias. To do this, we commission independent assessments of our guidance, how we follow it and how we make decisions. And we ask doctors, patients and organisations who support them about their experiences of our processes, so we can act on their feedback.  

We’ll also check fairness by: 

  • Creating a new approach to how we audit all our regulatory functions on a regular basis. We’ll learn from the findings on an independent review of all past research and audits about fairness in our processes.
  • Reviewing critical decision points in our processes to improve how they promote and maintain fairness. This will include looking at our guidance and the training we give to our staff on equality, diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Regularly publishing more information about how we consider fairness across everything we do. For example, sharing more about the demographics of the doctors and decision makers involved in our processes. This will make it easier for organisations we work with to explore how we work.

Read the most recent audit of the fairness of our fitness to practise decisions.