What happens next?

While there are employers and organisations who are already working to address many of the challenges identified in this research, we must now improve consistency across the UK; and encourage strong, positive leadership; and inclusive cultures.

We welcome and accept all the recommendations directed at us and are committed to acting on them. We’ll be working with representatives from the four UK health departments, and our partners in each country, to explore how we can take this work forward.

We’re also:

  • speaking to responsible officers about local safeguards to ensure clinical governance arrangements for doctors are fair and free from bias and discrimination
  • expanding our free Welcome to UK practice induction programme
  • commissioning independent research to understand how doctors can be most effectively supported during induction or when returning to work after an extended period
  • working with others to promote and support effective, inclusive and compassionate clinical leadership across medicine
  • and, although there hasn’t been any evidence of bias identified in our own processes, we’re not complacent. We’ll continue to carry out regular, robust checks; and later this year we’ll commission an external audit of the fairness of our decision making.