Recommendations for change

There are four overarching recommendations and a range of detailed actions for us, employers and organisations with regulatory or governance functions. These focus on:

  • Support for doctors: There should be greater support for doctors new to the UK or the NHS and for those in isolated roles, such as SAS doctors and locums. 
  • Assessing doctors’ performance and responding to concerns: Key to ensuring a just culture is creating working environments that focus on learning, not blame, when something goes wrong.
  • Engaged and positive leadership: Senior healthcare leaders should engage regularly with all staff; listening to and taking action to respond to their concerns about fairness. And employers should develop strategies and initiatives to mitigate the risk of disproportionality in discipline and referral processes.
  • Delivery, monitoring and evaluation of all recommendations: Health administrations across the UK, along with the GMC, should set up a UK wide mechanism to ensure delivery of the recommendations at a local and national level.