Sharing data with others to support workforce planning

We recognise that we have a role to play in supporting the UK’s healthcare systems, which are under significant pressure to increase recruitment and improve workforce retention. We can help with this by sharing our data.

Over the last year we have been helping to run the UK Medical Education Database (UKMED), a ground-breaking data programme allowing researchers to track cohorts of doctors from entry into medical school to postgraduate training and practice. In the process we and our partners are learning more than ever before about doctors’ career choices and progression.

UKMED pulls together a range of information on the performance of UK medical students and doctors in training across their education and future career. It is the first time that undergraduate and postgraduate data has been brought together in this way.

The database provides workforce planners with much richer data than ever before, accessed through a secure research environment. We have received compliments on the ‘first class service’ provided by this portal, as it has allowed workforce planners to access to data they need.

In future UKMED could also enable us to analyse schools’ and colleges’ selection techniques and the effectiveness of different educational interventions.