Making it easier for doctors to access our guidance on-the-go

Our new website, launched in May 2018, includes an ethical hub, which gives doctors and medical students quick and easy access to our ethical guidance.

In a survey conducted a few months after launch, 80% of the visitors to the ethical hub said they had found the guidance they were looking for and that it was useful, compared with 70% in 2017.

To make sure all patients receive consistent, high-quality care, the hub sets out the core values, knowledge and behaviours that we expect of doctors, through case studies, decision tools, flowcharts and videos.

The collection of learning resources supports doctors with everyday ethical issues, including adult safeguarding, trans healthcare, remote consultations and maximising a patient’s ability to make decisions.

Doctors are working under immense pressure to meet rising patient demand. We are committed to doing what we can to provide timely and effective support.