Highlighting the state of medical education and practice in the UK

We commission research and use the results to produce and share reports on the shape of medical education and practice.

Key among these is The state of medical education and practice in the UK, a yearly report that focuses on trends in the medical register, training and patterns of concerns.

The 2018 edition of the report paints a stark picture of unabated pressure on the UK’s health services. Based on our data and on research on the realities of being a doctor in the UK, it calls for a concerted effort in workforce development, and for improvements to working conditions for the medical profession. For patient safety to continue to be protected, the medical workforce must evolve to meet the changing needs of patients. Workplace culture also has to improve and employers, who are also under tremendous pressure, must continue their work to reduce the pressures on doctors wherever possible.

The report was welcomed by our partners in the UK’s healthcare systems, including medical royal colleges, health education boards and the NHS Confederation.

The Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh said: ‘The GMC report highlights a number of issues that we know are causing strain on our NHS workforce across the UK. The warning signs that the report highlights are not new but must be addressed as a matter of urgency and we support the GMC’s recommendations in this area.’

The report was also referenced in NHS England’s Long Term Plan, which included some of our data on smarter working practices.