Engaging with the public, doctors and medical students

In 2018, our Regional Liaison Service in England and our liaison advisers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales engaged with over 24,000 doctors and 15,000 medical students across the UK.

Our liaison services play a key part in raising awareness and understanding of our standards to support excellence in medical education and practice.

These services deliver Duties of a doctor workshops, which routinely receive good feedback. These workshops are designed to meet doctors’ needs, focusing on specific ethical scenarios and helping them to understand how our guidance can support them in making difficult decisions in their practice.

A responsible officer who attended one of these workshops described it as: ‘A fantastic programme which I thoroughly enjoyed helping to organise. The practical exercises were particularly useful.’

As well as these workshops, we held three roundtables with doctors in training in England, where we discussed topics that are relevant to them, including our UK-wide wellbeing review, our national training surveys, and early stage proposals for GMC-regulated credentials.

We also held over 480 meetings or phone conversations with patients or members of the public who had raised a concern about a doctor’s fitness to practise.

Feedback about our Patient Liaison Service shows that most people are very satisfied with the service and it made the experience of raising a concern or acting as a witness significantly easier for them.