Annual report 2020

Progressing our 2018-20 strategy

2020 was the last year covered by our 2018−20 corporate strategy. The strategy set out our ambition for change, shifting the emphasis of our work from acting when things have gone wrong, to supporting all doctors in delivering the highest standards of care. Our work in 2020 has continued to be shaped by this strategy and its four main aims.

  • Supporting doctors in maintaining good practice
  • Strengthening collaboration with our regulatory partners across the health services
  • Strengthening our relationship with the public and the profession
  • Meeting the changing needs of the health services across the four countries of the UK

As evidenced in the previous section, the pandemic had a significant impact on our operations. It also slowed our strategic progress too.

Still, there’s a great deal we’ve achieved since we outlined our priorities in 2018.

Here, we look at how far we’ve come, and how we intend to carry this work through to the next few years, on the strength of Our strategy 2021−25.