Annual report 2020

Our new corporate strategy

Our strategy 2021−25 builds on the ambitions of our previous strategy (2018−20), with everything we’ve achieved over the past three years laying the foundations for this next stage of work. Crucially, it embeds everything we’ve learnt from listening to those we work with and for.

Working towards four key priorities

Over the next five years, all our work will be shaped by four strategic themes to achieve our new, ten-year vision:

We will be an effective, relevant and compassionate regulator – for patients, the public and professionals – and employer.

We will foster a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do as a regulator and an employer.

Corporate Strategy key themes

Working together

We’ve developed our strategy both with and for patients, partners, medical professionals and colleagues.

Although we had to adapt our external engagement plans because of the pandemic while we developed the strategy, we were very much committed to hearing and representing the views of those we work with.

  • We held discussions with our UK Advisory forums, Responsible Officer Reference group, Royal Colleges Policy and Public Affairs Group, Doctors in Training roundtable, and equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) steering group.
  • We also shared drafts with key partners and invited their feedback. Ongoing collaboration will be key to recovering from the pandemic and delivering wider health
    system goals.

A flexible strategy

We agreed the four themes of our strategy just before the pandemic forced the UK into lockdown, in March 2020. Since then, strategy, policy and analyst colleagues have worked together to ‘stress test’ the strategy against different scenarios and time frames in light of the impact on clinical practice, the UK workforce, societal attitudes and our operations. Broadly, this work confirmed that – with some minor refinements – the strategy was robust and sufficiently flexible to enable us to address the impact of the pandemic appropriately.

We will continue to assess the relevance of our priorities and be flexible enough to make sure that we can adapt and deliver as we all navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

And throughout the life cycle of our strategy, we’ll assess our progress and share this through our annual reports and via updates to Council at the end of 2022 and at the end of 2024.