Annual report 2020

Meeting the changing needs of the health services across the four countries of the UK

Highlights from this chapter

Icon representing our employer liaison advisers

Our employer liaison advisers held over 1,470 meetings across the UK in 2020.

85% of UK parliamentarians expressed confidence in the way we regulate doctors.

The majority of members of the devolved legislatures believe we are focusing on the right issues as a regulator.

73% of stakeholders agreed that our approach to regulation anticipates and responds to the needs of individual parts of the UK. An increase from 55% in 2018.

Throughout 2020, Outreach teams engaged with over 23,000 doctors, medical students and other key interest groups across the UK.

We consulted over 1,000 people about our upcoming regulation of medical associate professionals.

Three quarters of UKAF members agreed the topics discussed at meetings were relevant and timely.