Annual report 2020

Corporate social responsibility

A woman talking on a headset

From standalone initiatives, to everyday activities and decisions, we strive to carry out our work in a way that benefits society as a whole and the environment. In 2020, this saw us:

  • working with the Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Business Partnership to create a professional apprenticeship scheme and work experience opportunities for students
  • developing an Environmental Management System to help us accelerate our green office practices and become more sustainable
  • identifying more ways we can ensure the goods and services we procure are done so responsibly, with the environment and society in mind
  • supporting colleagues who were involved in the NHS Volunteer Responders scheme, as well as other volunteering initiatives
  • strengthening our relationship with Business in the Community, a collective of hundreds of organisations, which are all dedicated to social and ethical responsibilities
  • joining the North West Leadership Board – Jane Durkin, Assistant Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, is working with other board members to influence local debate and action to help communities across the region.

While 2020 was very much dominated by the pandemic, we couldn’t lose sight of other important issues, like climate change and social inequality. The examples highlighted above are part of a wider scheme of work, driven by our Corporate Social Responsibility Working Group, which continues to identify where we can do more.