GMC Data Explorer

You can explore our data on the makeup of the medical register, revalidation, doctors’ training and fitness to practise instantly through our web-based tool - GMC Data Explorer.

Explore our data - open GMC data explorer >>

Why should I use it?

  • The data is updated daily so you can access current information.
  • It’s interactive, making it easy to filter and find what you’re looking for.
  • There’s no need to complete a data request form or wait for a response.

This short video explains how to use GMC Data Explorer.

Why have we developed this?

We collect a wealth of data about the medical profession and the organisations where doctors practise and train, and we are committed to sharing that information with others to improve patient care and aid workforce planning.

We already make our information and insights widely available through tools and publications such as the State of medical education and practice report (SoMEP) reference tables, the SoMEP report and our National training survey reports.

GMC Data Explorer goes one step further to make our key data easily accessible and current.

Tell us what you think

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