Our values

We have four core organisational values which underpin everything we do.

  • Excellence – we are committed to excellence in everything that we do.
  • Fairness – we treat everyone fairly.
  • Transparency – we are honest and strive to be open and transparent.
  • Collaboration – we are a listening and learning organisation.

These values form the basis on which our organisation operates. We want every decision we make, every interaction we have and every email we write to embody our values.

Each of our actions demonstrates our character and beliefs as an organisation. It’s important that each member of our team acts in a way that's consistent with our values, and in a way that reflects the principles we believe in.

Where do our values come from?

Far from being a set of values decided on by our senior managers, we involved as many people from across the organisation as possible.

Among other activities, we held a staff vote to find out what colleagues at all levels felt.

Our values were then agreed by our Senior Management team and our Council.

Why are the organisation’s values important?

We're a large organisation with a number of duties, so it’s important that we perform our various functions with a shared purpose. It’s also important that we have values that underpin the different types of work we do.

Former Chief Executive, Niall Dickson, said: ‘We recognise that, as a regulator, we have considerable power and can affect people’s lives – some of these people are quite vulnerable when they get in touch with us.

‘It’s really important that the way we deal with these people is fair, open and transparent.’

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