U codes

Reasons for unsatisfactory outcomes (U codes)

Code Reasons for unsatisfactory outcome Explanatory notes
U1 Record keeping and evidence The trainee failed to satisfactorily maintain their E-portfolio including completing the recommended number of Work Placed Based Reviews; Audits; Research; structured Education Supervisors report; in accordance with recommendations for that Year of Training in line with the curriculum requirements.

Inadequate experience

Training post(s) did not provide the appropriate experience for the year of training being assessed in order to progress, therefore the trainee was unable to satisfy the requirements of the curriculum.
U3 No engagement with supervisor The trainee failed to engage with the assigned Educational Supervisor or the training curriculum in accordance with the requirements for that particular year.
U4 Trainer absence Nominated Educational Supervisor or Trainer did not provide the appropriate training and support to the Trainee because of their absence on a sabbatical; through illness or other reasons; and no nominated Educational Supervisor deputy took over the responsibilities to ensure training was maintained. As a result the trainee was unable to meet the requirements for the year of training.
U5 Single exam failure Trainee failed to meet the respective Royal College/Faculty examination requirements to progress to the next year of training.
U6 Continual exam failure Trainee failed to pass the respective Royal College/Faculty examination within the allowable number of examination attempts following a number of re-sits and is therefore unable to progress any further in this Specialty.
U7 Trainee requires deanery support Trainee has issues to do with professional personal skills such as behaviour/conduct/attitude/confidence/time keeping/communication skills etc and requires the support of the Deanery Performance Team.
U8 Other reason Any other reason not covered in the Gold Guide
U9 Inadequate attendance (Foundation only) Trainee exceeded the maximum permitted absence of four weeks of training (other than annual leave) and/or has unsatisfactory attendance at formal teaching sessions.
U10 Assessment/Curriculum not achieved (Foundation only) Trainee has failed to meet the outcomes of the Foundation Programme Curriculum and/or pass the assessments required for satisfactory completion of F1/F2.