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Probity means being honest and trustworthy, and acting with integrity. Good Medical Practice requires doctors to make sure that their behaviour at all times justifies the trust that patients and the public place in the medical profession.

In order to demonstrate that they are fit to practise, students should:

  1. (a) bring attention to any concerns about, or errors in, their clinical work
  2. (b) be honest, genuine and original in their academic work, including when conducting research, and take effective action if they have concerns about the honesty of others
  3. (c) be honest and trustworthy when writing reports and logbooks, and when completing and signing forms
  4. (d) be honest in CVs and all applications and not misrepresent their qualifications, position or abilities
  5. (e) not plagiarise others' work or use their own work repeatedly in a way that could mislead
  6. (f) be honest and trustworthy in any financial dealings, especially if they are managing finances, and make sure that any funds are used for the purpose they were intended for
  7. (g) co-operate with any formal inquiry by their medical school or other organisation into their health, behaviour or performance, or that of anybody else
  8. (h) comply with the laws of the UK and, where relevant, any laws that apply specifically in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  9. (i) comply with the regulations of their medical school, hospital or other organisation.

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