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My GMP app

Facing an ethical dilemma in the care of one of your patients? Our new app, My GMP will help you find relevant guidance quickly and easily, even if you’re offline.

My GMP gives you access to Good medical practice and all our ethical guidance for doctors. You can read our guidance on your phone or tablet, and quickly search for advice on an issue you are facing, there and then.

You can favourite paragraphs that are relevant to you, see our monthly hot topics and link to our online case studies to help you apply our guidance in practice.

Developed with doctors, for doctors

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My GMP has been developed with the help of doctors to make sure it’s useful and user friendly. We want to help you follow Good medical practice by making our guidance more relevant and accessible, especially at the point of care.

Fill in our 2 minute survey and tell us what you think of My GMP. We are keen to get your feedback so we can continue to develop and improve.

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What is My GMP, what does it do and who is it aimed at?

My GMP is an app that gives you a quick and easy way to access our ethical guidance on your mobile or tablet, even if you are offline.

You can browse or search our guidance - which describes the standards expected of all doctors registered with us - for advice on a situation you are facing, and favourite sections that are relevant to you.

It is aimed at doctors, medical students and other professionals who use our guidance.

In short, My GMP lets you access our guidance on your smart phone or tablet.

How do I get My GMP? And what operating systems/devices can I access it from?

You can download it from the app store on an Apple phone or the Play store on an Android device.

My GMP will work on any iPhone 5 or up and any iPad running iOS 7 or later and for Android any Android ‘common’ with OS version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or later. This includes jailbroken phones. This should cover 90% of Android and iOS users.

We have not created a Windows version of the app but we may consider this in the future if there is sufficient demand.

What information will you need from me to access the app?

The only information you will need to provide is your interest group. This will be collected anonymously. We will also collect anonymised user usage data.

How can I find the guidance I am looking for?

You can find our ethical guidance on the home page of the app, or click on ‘More guidance’ to see our full range of guidance documents, including explanatory statements.

You can also browse the ‘A-Z’ or use the ‘Search’ function to find the section of guidance that is most relevant for you.

How do I favourite sections of guidance?

At the top of each section of guidance there’s a box which says ‘Add to favourites’. If you click on that box it will change colour from white to blue, indicating that that section has been added to your favourites.

To view your favourites at any time you can click on the star icon at the top of the screen.

How do I provide feedback on My GMP?

We want to know what you think of My GMP, and what we could do to develop it further.

You can give us your feedback in a quick survey we have created. You can also access the survey from the main menu of the app, under the feedback section.

Why have you made your guidance accessible in an app?

Eight out of ten doctors we surveyed told us they’re more likely to engage with our guidance on an app, rather than our website.

We want to help you follow Good medical practice by making our guidance more relevant and accessible, especially at the point of care. We hope by making our guidance available on your phones and tablets, even when offline, it will be quicker and easier for you to find advice on an issue you are facing, there and then.

Is the content on My GMP always up to date?

Although My GMP works offline, it can only update its content when connected to Wi-Fi or data. This connection will trigger My GMP to update so any changes made to our guidance will be reflected in the app. The most up to date version of our guidance will always be available on the GMC website.

How else can I access your guidance?

You can access all our ethical guidance for doctors on our website. You can download all our guidance as pdfs from our website. You can also order a traditional hard copy version of our guidance booklets and Welsh translations.

Do you have other apps?

Yes. My CPD is aimed at doctors and allows you to keep a record of your learning as you go. You can note down points of learning and reflections when they happen to build up a solid portfolio of your continual professional development. The My CPD app is also free, and available in App Store and Google Play.