Postgraduate education and training

After medical students graduate they enter a two-year Foundation Programme. After that, they choose to train either for another three years to become a GP or longer to become a specialist consultant.

The GMC decides whether or not to approve curricula and assessment systems, training programmes, GP trainers, and posts held by these trainees.

To do this, we set requirements for postgraduate medical education and training and test whether or not these requirements are being met through our quality assurance activity.

We arrange for experts to visit the deaneries, inspect what goes on, and discuss local arrangements. We publish what we find out on our website. We also consider reports from the postgraduate deaneries that organise training and the medical royal colleges that set curricula and organise examinations.

We survey trainees and trainers, and receive information from other regulators. We also respond to concerns raised by trainees, deaneries, local education providers, patients or others, and arrange additional checks of deaneries if there is evidence that requires investigation

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