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Medical licensing assessment

We are developing proposals for the introduction of a Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA), designed to create a common threshold for entry on to the UK medical register.

We are defining the aim of the MLA as:

  • to create a single, objective demonstration that those applying for registration with a licence to practise medicine in the UK can meet a common threshold for safe practice.

Our current thinking, which is now being tested and developed, is that the MLA would focus on applied knowledge and clinical and professional skills.

We started to look at the feasibility of introducing a single assessment in 2014. In June 2015, the GMC Council gave its approval for the project to continue, agreeing that we should further develop policy and seek the views of key partners and outside experts to produce detailed proposals for a future consultation.

We are carrying out a comprehensive programme of engagement and evidence gathering to help inform our plans. This webpage will be regularly updated to reflect these activities, the feedback we receive and our evolving proposals for introducing the MLA.

We want to be open and collaborative as we further develop our plans. You can contact our MLA team at with any feedback, questions or comments..


Read our FAQs for further information about the MLA.


We are keen to work with our key partners and those with an interest in this area to further develop our thinking and shape the assessment. To help achieve this we have a comprehensive engagement programme, which includes:  

  • visiting every medical school in the UK to seek views on our early thinking
  • holding detailed discussions with partners and Government officials from the four nations of the UK
  • establishing an expert reference group chaired by Professor Neil Johnson (who also chairs the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance) to help develop the format of the assessment
  • convening workshops with UK medical school assessment experts, international experts and panellists for the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test
  • consulting our Education and Training Advisory Board and Assessment Advisory Board
  • commissioning and analysing external research; and drawing on evidence from jurisdictions running medical licensing assessments - eg in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Poland
  • developing a reference community of individuals who are interested in this project – contact us at if you would like to join this community
  • holding a public consultation on our plans to introduce the Medical Licensing Assessment, seeking views from all those with an interest in this area including patients and members of the public.

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