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Sanctions guidance (information for lawyers and others)

This page provides information on the GMC guidance that medical practitioners tribunal use to help them reach their decisions.

Please note this guidance is published on the website mainly for the benefit of lawyers and medical defence organisations who are familiar with our processes.

The sanctions guidance was last revised in August 2015 following a public consultation.

Sanctions guidance for members of medical practitioner tribunals and for the General Medical Council’s decision makers (July 2016) (pdf). To be used in new hearings starting on or after 29 July 2016.

The document includes links to additional documents and guidance available to medical practitioners tribunals (see Annex A). Supplementary Guidance to the sanctions guidance on the relevance of whether a doctor holds a licence to practise (march 2016) (pdf).

Some additional guidance can also be downloaded from this page (see below).

Download the relevant documents

The following additional guidance is also available to medical practitioners tribunals at hearings.

View the guidance we provide to our decision-makers at the investigation stage (pdf).