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Research tender opportunities

Below is a full list of our current research tender opportunities. You can find full details of each tender on the MyTenders website.

Best Practice in Assessing Competence

The GMC is tendering for a project to identify good practice approaches to the assessment of aspects of doctors’ clinical and professional capabilities. The research will specifically look at the assessment of doctors’ professionalism and ethics and also the assessment of doctors’ competence in relation to patient safety.

In addition, the research also aims to look at a third area, which may or may not include the two areas above, namely the assessment of a doctor’s professional or clinical competence using simulated environments.

The research will support the GMC’s roles in providing assessments and in regulating the assessments provided as part of UK medical education and training. It will also inform the wider medical education community about good practice in these aspects of assessment.

In particular, the research will support the development of the new Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) to be completed by all UK graduates and by International Medical Graduates (IMGs) desiring to practise in the UK. This new assessment would enable the GMC to establish a common approach informed by good practice and secure a common threshold of competence against which doctors can be assessed prior to obtaining a licence to practise in the UK.

Evaluating the impact of interventions

Evaluating the impact of interventions aimed at addressing variation in progression associated with protected characteristics known as ‘Differential Attainment’

The GMC sets standards which require medical training pathways to be fair for all. The GMC is leading a programme of work to explore the cause of unexplained variation in training outcomes which have been shown to be associated with some groups of doctors who share protected characteristics.

Data published by the GMC shows variation exists across a range of measures of progress, at different stages of the education and training pathway and across regions and countries within the UK. Variation also differs across specialty types.

There is an absence of evidence-based interventions for differential attainment. The GMC believes that those at the leading edge who are trialling possible interventions can help others in the system by evaluating the impact of their endeavours and sharing this with others to build a collective understanding of what does and does not work, and in what environments or scenarios.

This research is aimed at providing practical support to those developing or running interventions on how to evaluate its impact on differential attainment:

Firstly, the research will explore the range of qualitative and quantitative measures available which may be used as a benchmark against which to measure changes. These may include outcome measures and measures of changes within the system which could reasonably be expected to lead to the desired reduction in variation.

Secondly, the intention is that the research will produce practical guidance for organisations responsible for the design and delivery of medical education and training on how to design an evaluation of the interventions they have, or intend to put in place to address differential attainment.

The tender process

We usually invite public tenders for research contracts worth over £50,000.

We generally allow four weeks for researchers to submit their bids. We meet with shortlisted researchers to discuss their proposals, usually in our London office. We aim to inform all researchers of the outcome within four weeks of the deadline for bids.

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